"Enjoy your body, use it every way you can don't be afraid of it or what other people think of it it's the greatest instrument you'll ever own"
Baz Luhrmann.

My Passion for health and fitness has motivated me to inspire others. My programs will not only offer the tools you need to achieve your goals, but also the knowledge to maintain them.

In 2011 I trained at the European Institute of Fitness and took my knowledge and skills beyond that of a regular Personal Trainer and gained the prestigious Master Trainer qualification.

In 2015 I spent 4 months in a Thai boxing training camp. Having spent so long helping others to achieve their physical best I thought maybe I should practice what I preach and do the same. I trained 6 days a week, for 5 hours a day and I can honestly say that I have never felt fitter. It was an invaluable experience that has enabled me to implement similar training methods and take my own training sessions to a completely new level.







Master Trainer - The European Institute of Fitness
Reps level 3
Reps level 2
PT boxing/pad work
Pre/postnatal exercise
Circuit training
First Aid Certified
Advanced program design
clinical exercise and referral (special populations)
Nutrition and weight management
sports specific training

Equipment used

I offer bespoke programs based on my Client's goals and abilities. The equipment that I use will support progress and development.

TRX Suspension - Suspension training is a versatile way to target various muscles using your own body weight. This is suitable for people at an intermediate - advanced stage in their training. Used correctly the TRX can be a very effective piece of equipment, it can significantly improve motor skills, core stability and muscular strength and endurance. It's not surprising that the military and top athletes use this in their training routine.

Swiss Ball - Used in the correct way it can be suitable for all levels of fitness.  It can improve flexibility and it targets the abdominal and lower back muscles. This is a very effective way to improve posture and balance.

Pad-work - This can be one of the most exhilarating forms of exercise. It is fundamentally a cardiovascular work out that focuses on motor skills such as speed, reaction time, balance and coordination. It's great for boosting those endorphins and it's a very healthy way to release the stresses of day to day life.

Kettlebells - Kettlebells were developed in Russia in the 1700's. The Soviet Army used them as part of their physical training and conditioning programs. The appropriately named Kettlebell is a cast iron weight that has a a handle at the top. They are excellent for cardio fitness, strength and conditioning and endurance. If you're looking to fire up your metabolism start using Kettlebells!

DYNAMAX BALL -  Ranging from 2- 8kg, soft and padded.  This offers the multiple benefits of medicine ball training as well as being safe. It can be used as part of a cardio workout, muscular strength training or core stability training. The Dynamax ball is suitable for all fitness levels.


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Scott McQuillan is a highly qualified MasterTrainer. He has a sports background in Muay Thai Boxing, White Collar Boxing, Judo and Sprinting. Scott has helped a variety of people to successfully achieve their goals.



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