12 Week Fighting Fit Camp

Special offer starting in January through to March.

The boot camp running on Wednesday and Friday at 12.30pm. People that sign up will be entitled to use both days and attend as often as they please, all that is required will be an upfront payment of £350 which will cover you for the duration of the 12 weeks course.

Contact Scott now to reserve your place!


One to One Session outdoors/home

£55 per Session
5 Block Sessions £250 (£50 per session)
10 Block Sessions £450 (£45 per session)
20 Block sessions £850 (£42.50 per session)

Partner Personal Training Session

£80 Per session (£40 per person).
5 Block Sessions £350 (£35 each session, per person).
10 Block session £650 (£32.50 each session, per person).
20 Block session £1200 (£30 each session, per person)

Small Group Personal Training Session £20 per person (6 people max - 3 people min).

If you are not already part of a small group of people, please get in touch as I will need to ascertain your fitness levels so that I can introduce you to a suitable group. This is truly a great way to meet like minded people. Training this way will help keep you motivated and makes exercise a lot more fun.
5 Block Sessions £100 (£20 per session per person).
10 Block Sessions  £180 (£18 per session per person).
20 Block sessions £350 (£17.50 per session per person)

PT Gym Prices

One to One Session
Public use of gym studio
one session £55
5 Block sessions £250 (£50 per hour)
10 Block sessions £450 (£45 per hour)
20 Block sessions £850 (£40.50 per hour)

Exclusive use of a fully equipped Gym studio £65 per hour

5 Block sessions £300 (£60 per hour)
10 Block sessions £550 (£55 per hour)
20 Block sessions £1,050 (52.50 per hour)

Partner Personal Training

Exclusive use of a fully equipped Gym studio £90 per hour - £45 each person
5 Block sessions £400 (£80 per hour - £40 per person)
10 Block sessions £700 (£70 per hour - 35 per person)
20 Block sessions £1200 (£60 per hour -£30 per person)

Block/discounted sessions only apply to Client's training at least once per week.

Scheduling of sessions will be agreed in advance, and cancellations must be made with a minimum of 24 hours prior to the agreed start time or the session will be forfeited at full price. Exceptional circumstances for last-minute cancellations will be at the discretion of the Trainer.
Nutrition Prices

One to One Nutritional consultation.

One hour consultation £45.

Supermarket Tour

One to One supermarket tour £30 for a 40 minute tour.

Mega Package

Intensive package that will get you into shape fast and is ideal for events such as  a wedding or simply to look amazing on a beach.

This package includes;

Free pair of boxing gloves
Goal setting
Nutritional consulation (75 minutes)
Food and exercise diaries
Health and lifestyle assessment - every 3 weeks
Supermarket tour (optional)

Training 27 sessions over a 9 week period (training 3 times a week)

Cost: £985 for one person and £1250 for partner training.

Scott McQuillan Boot Camp

Scott McQuillan is a highly qualified MasterTrainer. He has a sports background in Muay Thai Boxing, White Collar Boxing, Judo and Sprinting. Scott has helped a variety of people to successfully achieve their goals.



Pre-Exercise Questionnaire

Terms and Conditions of hiring a Freelance Personal Trainer

Safety and Legal

Insurance details, please ask me if you need to see my insurance.



Contact Scott

Scott McQuillan
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